The Exodus Part 2 – The Great Waters

Exodus The great waters part 2

The Exodus Part 2 – The Great Waters

Then the Angel of the Lord went forth between the camp of Israel and the Egyptians. It was darkness for the Egyptians and light for Israel. Thus Israel moved forward into the midst of the sea. The waters were walled up on each side. The Egyptians pursued them even unto the midst of the sea. As the morning began to break, the Lord looked out of the pillar and troubled the host of Egypt. He then took off all of their chariot wheels so that they drove them heavily. Great fear fell upon them and they cried out that God fights for Israel. Let us flee from before His face.

Just as Moses the servant of the Lord stretched his hand out over the sea that that the waters would come upon the Egyptians; then it was so that sea returned back to its banks. The Egyptians were overthrown in the midst of the great waters. The sea became their grave and not so much as one of them remained. The works of the Lord were seen by His people and they began to sing the songs of deliverance. Miriam the prophetess took a tambourine in her hand along with the other women and they began to dance and praise the Lord for His great mercy!

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